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Stop the endless hours of research - you've found the one app you need, NurtureLead™

NurtureLead™ is an all-in-one business management tool to organize your marketing, sales and fulfillment with the help of automation, artificial intelligence (AI aka Chat-GPT) and award-winning templates.

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Designed for the Girl Who Sparked My Entrepreneurship Journey - A Younger Me!

NurtureLead™ was built by me, aka Vix Reitano - award-winning Entrepreneur, Founder and Fractional CMO for Female Entrepreneurs - to support women like you from the spark of their first side hustle idea through the days, weeks, and months that ignites your passion for being in control of your time + financial future and to continue to empower you to keep going as you launch and scale multiple revenue streams on your journey -- with templates, tips and tricks to avoid burning out along the way.

A Small Sample of the Tech + Tools Included in Your Subscription to NurtureLead™

My Early Days of Entrepreneurship Looked a Lot Like Yours...

A Spark of Inspiration...

Followed By a Moment of "OMG CAN I REALLY DO THIS"

You're born to be an entrepreneur. If you're reading this, if you follow me, if you found this page, I know this to be true. Period. The End. There's no questioning your destiny.

What that destiny looks like IS up to YOU and YOU alone to design -- and to do that, you'll need a solid support system and an excellent tech stack. And that's where NurtureLead™ comes in.

This app automates your business...

...So You Can Focus on The Business of Your Life

The one thing every woman wants? More. Time.

While NurtureLead™ can't actually add more hours to your day, it can create more time and space for you to have more hours to do the things you love -- instead of spending those precious hours tracking down another payment or endlessly researching how to create more reels on Instagram to sell a product you don't care about.

This app puts your website, sales funnels, marketing (social media, email + text, too!), sales (invoices, online products, membership sites and affiliate manager!) and fulfillment (sales pipelines, service and product delivery pipelines, unlimited pipelines!) in one place so all you have to do is login, check your tasks, review your notes, schedule your calls, update your calendar and get to work!

NurtureLead™ Subscription Tiers

get 2 months free when you subscribe annually

It all started on the Upper East Side of Manhattan...

Pictured here is me, at 27 years old in my first-ever office -- the right side of my junior one bedroom's living room on the UES of Manhattan. I was spending over $1000 per month in software subscriptions to run my "small business" at this point -- searching for one tool to rule them all.

It takes a village to grow into the woman you're meant to be...

Pictured here is me, at 32 years old after growing my business by over 843% in 2020, another 85% in 2021, opening -- and closing -- two offices and weeks away from making the decision to shift my business into the Fractional CMO Consulting Agency it is today. Stepping away from seven years of launching + scaling an award-winning marketing and ad agency to step into the work I am truly passionate about -- empowering my decision with software built FOR me not for some version of what society wants me to be.

Get a 30-Day Jumpstart for Free When You Subscribe Annually!

My 30-Day Jumpstart Program features three, 1:1 strategy sessions (60-minutes per session, held on Google Meet and recorded for you with lifetime access!) where we will discuss your motivation for launching + scaling a six-figure digital revenue stream and help you get clarity on the exact steps you need to take in the next 90-days to launch and turn your vision into your reality. Plus, you'll get my 30-Day Jumpstart Workbook to help you define your top 3 ideal client avatars, find your five competitors, learn the ins and outs of content marketing strategies that convert leads to paying clients who refer and set performance metrics to keep yourself accountable to your goals. Oh and did I mention you also get 30 days of voice and text support on Voxer for questions in between sessions? Ya, you get that too. This package is valued at $998 and is included for free with an annual subscription to any tier of NurtureLead™ for a very limited time.

What Users Have to Say About NurtureLead™

It is BRILLIANT. I love how everything is in one place and how easy it is to send an invoice and text a client. Plus, I don't have to use my own number anymore -- which helps me separate business and personal time.

Gina Hascup,

Founder of Your Whimsy World

It makes things so easy for my team! I love that we can see what's happening with all of our clients in one app. We can even answer and convert our social media DMs!

Kim Field,

Founder of Valley Dance Theatre

Managing our leads is so easy with NurtureLead™ -- we can see who needs a follow-up, share notes with each other and save time by automating calls, voicemails and more.

Reagan Hoeft,

Founder of DanceSpace